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The Visual Web, and IRL Connect

Whoa! Talk about moving away from the static web, and even past web 2.0 concepts.  Sites from Google to Cooliris are making their searches and sites more visible.  To see an overview for yourself, check out CNN’s SciTechBlog.

My favorite new discovery is IRL connect, which at first glance really reminds me of Google Latitude. Upon signing in, I immediately see a satellite view of Oxford (gasp! It knows where I am!) and on the left, a slightly familiar 140 character “what are you doing” box.

OH okay, so the youtube bubbles on the web are Youtube videos from Oxford.  That’s kind of cool.

I am done exploring this site.  As far as I can tell it just integrates Facebook and Twitter so when you post on one of the sites or on IRL, everything gets updated.  Unless I explore it more and find a useful option, I think it’s just another site I have to log on to, remember passwords for, and waste time on.  I don’t need to integrate everything, my igoogle RSS works just fine.  And, again, what is this obsession with globally tracking and pinpointing friends?  Not.  necessary.


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